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Randy has practiced law in New Mexico for nearly 30 years.  He has been a public servant for 25 of those years.  He has been County Attorney for both the City of Albuquerque and Los Alamos, New Mexico. Beyond the legal field, Mr. Autio has served as Interim Albuquerque City Clerk and Los Alamos Acting County Administrator.


Mr. Autio is currently employed at the law firm of Robles, Rael and Anaya.


In his career, Mr. Autio has protected public organizations from liability by guiding them in the steps necessary to prevent and properly respond to employment challenges.   He is a believer in the power of managing with integrity and transparency.


Mr. Autio‚Äôs experience both in the Legal and Administrative fields gives him a unique perspective and wisdom.  Not only does he understand the requirements of employment law but he has learned what tools can be used to integrate the law into a successful workplace.