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First Line Resources

How to Respond to Workplace Bullying in Your Organization


As experienced supervisors, you know that bullying in the workplace can result in low morale, high turnover and weakened performance.   In some cases, bullies can hold management hostage with threats and continuing complaints.  This  training provides tools to help you deal with the workplace bully.


Bullying can metastasize from a violation of your organization’s policies to a violation of the law—in the forms of discriminatory harassment or assault and battery.  BE AWARE and BE ABLE to handle this behavior at the lowest  level.


We show you how to:

  • Recognize the different forms of bullying beyond stereotypical behaviors


  • Recognize and respond to bullies who paint themselves as victims


  • Utilize existing policies and procedures to correct and discipline bullies


  • Recognize the “Supervisor bully” disguised as a “Letter of the Law” manager


  • Respond to the “Bullying  card” played in less than good faith by alleged bullying victims.


This training is available in two formats:

All-day   workshop:     Round-table,  interactive   and  in-depth   for  managers  and advisors—suitable for up to 15 participants.


Lecture:   A one to two-hour “traditional classroom” training, suitable for larger groups.




Workshop:  $400.00 per person.


Lecture:   $400.00 per session (no more than 30-40 participants per session)


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