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How to Conduct a "Best Practices"

 Hiring/Promotional Process


Successful  discrimination   claims   are   often   the   result   of   poor   hiring/promotional   processes.   Inadequate   questions,   poor   note   taking,   lack   of benchmarks and either careless scoring or no scoring at all make such claims difficult to defend.


This   training   provides   step-by-step   guidance   in   creating   and   implementing   a strong process that speaks for itself.   Of course, this training is also useful in simply helping organizations to hire the best person for the job!


We show you how to:

  • Ensure that your job description accurately reflects the skills needed to do the job;


  • Prepare a benchmark chart that clearly demonstrates the legitimate business reasons for applicant interview selections;


  • Design   the   most   effective   interview   questions   that   allow   an applicant’s qualifications to be clear.  (This is includes questions to avoid!)


  • Prepare   benchmarks   to   score   applicants’   answers   to   your questions;


  • Maximize the value of the probationary period in evaluating a new employee.


This training is available in two formats:

All-day   workshop:     Round-table,  interactive   and  in-depth   for  managers  and advisors—suitable for up to 15 participants.


Lecture:   A one to two-hour “traditional classroom” training, suitable for larger groups.




Workshop:  $400.00 per person.


Lecture:   $400.00 per session (no more than 30-40 participants per session)


Forms and templates to adapt to your organization’s needs are included in the price of training.


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